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It sets you apart from everyone else

Experimenting with music and trying out things that you never have before helps you to be original. If you are wanting to submit your music to labels or A&R’s trying to get placements and your music doesnt sound like everyone elses you will have a better chance of getting noticed. Its easy to follow trends and try and do what everyone else is doing because of what is “hot” but if you can experiment with some new sounds and new recording techniques then you can possibly reach out to more people who like to listen to something more original.

It opens up your mind

Being to new ideas will open up your mind to ways that you can create better music. Sometimes people get stuck into doing just what they are accustomed to not wanting to branch out and try something new because they get comfortable. If you get comfortable then you will get stagnant and you wont grow as a producer or artist to Make and Sell Best Hip Hop Beats Online. You also have to be able to critique your own music and know whats good and whats not. When i make a beat i make it as a producer then when i finish it i listen to it as someone who just wants to hear something good and if i like it i will keep it if not then i will either try and fix it or start over.

You Will Inspire other people

I dont know how many times i’ve listened to something dope and it inspired me to try out something new. When you see other people taking risks and pushing the boundaries it makes you want to do the same. People need other people to push them and motivate them to make the best music possible. Music is supposed to move people and inspire them in some way. Whether its the way the beat makes them move or they relate to the lyrics in some way, if you try out new ideas and experiment with new sounds you will help to continue to push the boundaries of music and help people think in ways they never have before.

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