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Making sales as a producer can seem a daunting task as first but there is a specific formula to follow and as long as you do these things you will be guaranteed to make sales.

The first thing you will need to do will be to get traffic to your music whether you have a website or just a beat player with your music people will need to know about it in order for you to make sales. If you are just starting out the easiest ways to get traffic would be to use what they call PPC (pay per click advertising) where you are paying for ads to have people come to your site. Google Adwords is the best for this but you can also do the same for youtube as well.

Now that you have some people coming to your site you are going to want to have deals and discounts. When people see things like buy 1 get 1 free beats or limited time they will want to purchase asap because they think that the deal wont last long. These are what are called scare tactics to making the potential customer think if they dont get the deal now they wont have a chance in the future to take advantage of it.

Email marketing is probably the most important thing next to driving traffic to your site to making sales. Most of the time you wont make a sale the first time someone visits your site and thats normal. It usually takes someone 2 or 3 times to seeing something online before they decide they want to purchase it so the best thing to do is use email marketing to convert them to long time customers. What i like to do is have a sign up list on my page if they input their email i can send them emails about new deals or when i upload new beats. To get them to sign up on my site i have an offer to give them 3 beats for free customers love things like that. I have made tons of sales off people on my email list.

If you do these things you are guaranteed to make sales, it may take some time at first but as long as the music is good and you keep at it the sales will come.

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