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Make a schedule.

Having a schedule is one of the key tips on actually getting things done. If you plan out for the week and have a schedule of what you want to do more than likely you will accomplish what you had scheduled vs just doing things whenever. This also helps you from getting distracted easily make sure you put room in there for breaks and you will be fine.


Prioritizing a list gets the most important things done. If you are an artist and need to record a couple verses and upload a couple songs you could say im going to record 2 verses then upload 2 songs then repeat. That way you will be getting both done at the same time.

No more Procrastination

Procrastination is everyones biggest enemy and even mines too. Putting things off till later or tomorrow usually means that things will never get done. Like we talked about Buying Hip Hop Beats Online earlier have a schedule and sticking to it will be your best bet to staying productive and staying on schedule.


People get so caught up on their “grind” that they forget to take care of themselves. Make sure you get the right amount of sleep and take care of yourself. You really cant be productive if you have been up all day and night then want to go record. Your voice will be tired and you wont be able to focus like you want to. You will be more productive when you get a good night rest and you eat/workout right you will have a more productive studio session.

Take Care/ Reward Yourself

Probably my favorite thing is to reward yourself. When you set goals and reach those goals you feel excited so why not reward yourself? Go buy yourself something nice or do something that you dont normally do. If you do that every time you reach a new milestone that can help motivate you to get more stuff done. It can also be a reminder of where you have came from and help you keep sight into where you are going.

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