We all know how the format of songs usually go, they typically have a short intro followed by a chorus, verse, chorus, verse, and maybe end with another chorus, have you ever stopped and thought why it is constructed that way? Music is repetitious because it helps us to remember it easier and we all want our music to be memorable. Even teaching kids, teachers often use song to help them to memorize their abc’s and other things that they will need to know.  Here are some tips to make your music more memorable.


If you want people to remember your music it is going to have some type of structure so that they can. Your chorus should be something that people can rap or sing along to because thats what they are going to remember when they are walking around humming songs to themselves. The catchier the chorus the more likely they are to remember it. I might hear a song on the radio not really pay attention to the verse that much but then remember the chorus and then later go look up the song because i liked the chorus so much so make it memorable.

Dont Overcomplicate

Just keep it simple. The chorus is not supposed to be over complicated . With my music I always leave room for the artist to do their thing on the beat and also the verses. If your over complicate the beat it may sound good but it wont allow the artist to paint their picture over it because there is no space for it. You have to remember that the artist’ voice is also an instrument if you have too many instruments going on then it will get too cluttered.

Know who your target audience is

In order for you to be successful with getting your music to the right people and having them enjoy it you must know who your target audience is. If you have hip hop instrumentals and are promoting where mostly people who enjoy country music go you might not get people who will connect with your music. The key to this is research find out where they are and get your music out to them. If you get it to your target audience and your music is good then they will remember it.

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