If you are making music and you plan on making sales or want to get signed to a label then you are going to have to learn how to properly promote your music. Facebook is one of the best places to promote because you can reach hundreds of thousands of people instantly but you have to do it the right way. These are a couple things you have to be mindful of when getting your music to the masses.

Promoting vs. Spamming

One of the most important things that you have to know is the big difference between promoting your music vs. spamming your music. Promoting is presenting your music in a way that will make people want to listen and this should be to your target audience. Spamming is just randomly tagging people in your music or posting “check out my music” over and over again and this way never works. When you learn how to promote correctly then you will start to see a difference in gaining new fans.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads is going to be the key in getting new people to check out your music. With Facebook ads you are able to find the key people who are interested in the type of music you want to promote and win them over as fans. If you are not getting your music out there like you want to you need to be utilizing this tool. For instance if you are a singer you can post a video of you singing a song and then target people to purchase instrumentals who like singers in a certain age range and also a certain part of the world. You pick a daily budget and then when your budget is completed your ad stops showing. Facebook has been one of the key things that has helped me grow my business and if you want to promote your music you need to use this. Some people dont want to spend money to get their stuff out there but you need to spend money to make money.

Popular Websites

Another good form of promotion is to find out how to advertise on websites that has your target audience on it. Worldstar is good for instance if you are a new artist and want to showcase your video you can purchase a space on worldstar and reach millions of new potential fans instantly. You can always purchase some banner ads also and then that will also help garner new fans. You can also reach out to radio stations in your area and also do open mic nights. Make sure you also have your music to either sell or give out for free. I would recommend you give it out if you are first starting out and havent really made a name for yourself yet. More people would take your mixtape and give it a listen vs. buy it off you if they dont know you.

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