Lets admit it if you are an artist or a producer at some point you get to where you make something and your not satisfied with it. You feel like you have hit a wall and just cant come up with anything creatively that you are happy with. Alot of people think the “block” is when you cant create but its really just when you dont like what you made. Im going to be talking about when this does come up some ways that you can make sure you overcome this and get back to creating some amazing works.


The first thing you should do is relax and not get stressed out. The more you overthink the situation the worse you are going to make it. If your working on a project and nothing is coming out of it go do something else that you enjoy, that helps put your mind at ease and also helps you to think creatively when you do come back to what you are doing. Listen to your favorite artist or whatever helps get your creative juices to flow.


You can learn alot from other people. I love doing collabs with producers because i’ll find cool little tricks on how they do stuff and i’ll take some stuff and add it to my productions. When you start opening your mind to different ways to do stuff you will find that you dont run out of ideas like you have in the past, so definitely get out there and make some collaborations with people.

Make Challenges For Yourself

If there is something you want to learn challenge yourself to learn it. If i wanted to learn how to make a remix to a song i should try to study how to do that and make an attempt at it. You cant be afraid to fail because if you dont try new things you will not get any better with your writing or production. You should write out new things you want to learn and set dates for when you are going to get those things accomplished. Without action those thoughts just remain ideas so put those actions to work to get the best hip hop Instrumentals

I have just given you a few ways in which you can try to not have writers or producers block. There are hundreds of different things you can try but i have only listed a few. I cant remember the last time i had trouble working on a beat because i am always wanting to better myself and try new things. Never get comfortable and complacent with where you are and you will get better.

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