Tips on Overcoming Writers Block and Producers Block

Lets admit it if you are an artist or a producer at some point you get to where you make something and your not satisfied with it. You feel like you have hit a wall and just cant come up with anything creatively that you are happy with. Alot of people think the “block” is when you cant create but its really just when you dont like what you made. Im going to be talking about when this does come up some ways that you can make sure you overcome this and get back to creating some amazing works.


The first thing you should do is relax and not get stressed out. The more you overthink the situation the worse you are going to make it. If your working on a project and nothing is coming out of it go do something else that you enjoy, that helps put your mind at ease and also helps you to think creatively when you do come back to what you are doing. Listen to your favorite artist or whatever helps get your creative juices to flow.


You can learn alot from other people. I love doing collabs with producers because i’ll find cool little tricks on how they do stuff and i’ll take some stuff and add it to my productions. When you start opening your mind to different ways to do stuff you will find that you dont run out of ideas like you have in the past, so definitely get out there and make some collaborations with people.

Make Challenges For Yourself

If there is something you want to learn challenge yourself to learn it. If i wanted to learn how to make a remix to a song i should try to study how to do that and make an attempt at it. You cant be afraid to fail because if you dont try new things you will not get any better with your writing or production. You should write out new things you want to learn and set dates for when you are going to get those things accomplished. Without action those thoughts just remain ideas so put those actions to work to get the best hip hop Instrumentals

I have just given you a few ways in which you can try to not have writers or producers block. There are hundreds of different things you can try but i have only listed a few. I cant remember the last time i had trouble working on a beat because i am always wanting to better myself and try new things. Never get comfortable and complacent with where you are and you will get better.

Invest In Yourself and Your Dream

In order to make your dreams come true with your music whether it is being the best artist thats out or being the best producer you are going to need to invest. Whether that investment is going to be money or time you are going to have to make some sacrifices to take it to the next level. But investing in yourself is one of the best things that you can do though. You know your potential and what your capable of so why not spend some money on your craft to make your dream a reality?

Where you are probably going to invest most of your time would be learning your craft better. Whether its reading books, watching youtube tutorials or just trial and error you are going to have to set some time out for your craft. People always say there isnt enough time in the day which isnt true. We all have the same 24 hours to work with you just need to learn how to manage time better. Some sacrifices might come into play like hanging out with friends or family sometimes but that is a small price to pay for following your dreams. Sometimes when i want to make rap beats i would have to sacrifice time with my friends because i need to get a track done or upload a video to my youtube channel. In this day in age people have short attention spans when it comes to music and the more of your music that you have out there the better.

Your money is probably going to be spent on either recording equipment or going to the studio cause you are going to need that to make your music. If you dont already it would also probably be a good idea to invest in a website or soundcloud page so that you can let people check out your music. I would suggest an official website, all you would have to do is purchase a domain from Godaddy and get hosting and you can start driving traffic to your own site. It also looks more professional. Alot of people feel like that can get a cheap mic from guitar center and just record on the beat and the quality just comes out terrible. There is nothing wrong about paying for studio time and getting a professional engineer to engineer your vocals for you. You want to be professional with your music at all times so that people will take you serious.

These are some of the ways that you should invest into yourself to make your dreams come true. At the end of the day its going to come down to how much work and time you put into it. So get out there and start grinding!

Promoting your music on facebook

If you are making music and you plan on making sales or want to get signed to a label then you are going to have to learn how to properly promote your music. Facebook is one of the best places to promote because you can reach hundreds of thousands of people instantly but you have to do it the right way. These are a couple things you have to be mindful of when getting your music to the masses.

Promoting vs. Spamming

One of the most important things that you have to know is the big difference between promoting your music vs. spamming your music. Promoting is presenting your music in a way that will make people want to listen and this should be to your target audience. Spamming is just randomly tagging people in your music or posting “check out my music” over and over again and this way never works. When you learn how to promote correctly then you will start to see a difference in gaining new fans.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads is going to be the key in getting new people to check out your music. With Facebook ads you are able to find the key people who are interested in the type of music you want to promote and win them over as fans. If you are not getting your music out there like you want to you need to be utilizing this tool. For instance if you are a singer you can post a video of you singing a song and then target people to purchase instrumentals who like singers in a certain age range and also a certain part of the world. You pick a daily budget and then when your budget is completed your ad stops showing. Facebook has been one of the key things that has helped me grow my business and if you want to promote your music you need to use this. Some people dont want to spend money to get their stuff out there but you need to spend money to make money.

Popular Websites

Another good form of promotion is to find out how to advertise on websites that has your target audience on it. Worldstar is good for instance if you are a new artist and want to showcase your video you can purchase a space on worldstar and reach millions of new potential fans instantly. You can always purchase some banner ads also and then that will also help garner new fans. You can also reach out to radio stations in your area and also do open mic nights. Make sure you also have your music to either sell or give out for free. I would recommend you give it out if you are first starting out and havent really made a name for yourself yet. More people would take your mixtape and give it a listen vs. buy it off you if they dont know you.

How to make your music more memorable

We all know how the format of songs usually go, they typically have a short intro followed by a chorus, verse, chorus, verse, and maybe end with another chorus, have you ever stopped and thought why it is constructed that way? Music is repetitious because it helps us to remember it easier and we all want our music to be memorable. Even teaching kids, teachers often use song to help them to memorize their abc’s and other things that they will need to know.  Here are some tips to make your music more memorable.


If you want people to remember your music it is going to have some type of structure so that they can. Your chorus should be something that people can rap or sing along to because thats what they are going to remember when they are walking around humming songs to themselves. The catchier the chorus the more likely they are to remember it. I might hear a song on the radio not really pay attention to the verse that much but then remember the chorus and then later go look up the song because i liked the chorus so much so make it memorable.

Dont Overcomplicate

Just keep it simple. The chorus is not supposed to be over complicated . With my music I always leave room for the artist to do their thing on the beat and also the verses. If your over complicate the beat it may sound good but it wont allow the artist to paint their picture over it because there is no space for it. You have to remember that the artist’ voice is also an instrument if you have too many instruments going on then it will get too cluttered.

Know who your target audience is

In order for you to be successful with getting your music to the right people and having them enjoy it you must know who your target audience is. If you have hip hop instrumentals and are promoting where mostly people who enjoy country music go you might not get people who will connect with your music. The key to this is research find out where they are and get your music out to them. If you get it to your target audience and your music is good then they will remember it.

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Tips On Managing Your Time As An Artist

Make a schedule.

Having a schedule is one of the key tips on actually getting things done. If you plan out for the week and have a schedule of what you want to do more than likely you will accomplish what you had scheduled vs just doing things whenever. This also helps you from getting distracted easily make sure you put room in there for breaks and you will be fine.


Prioritizing a list gets the most important things done. If you are an artist and need to record a couple verses and upload a couple songs you could say im going to record 2 verses then upload 2 songs then repeat. That way you will be getting both done at the same time.

No more Procrastination

Procrastination is everyones biggest enemy and even mines too. Putting things off till later or tomorrow usually means that things will never get done. Like we talked about Buying Hip Hop Beats Online earlier have a schedule and sticking to it will be your best bet to staying productive and staying on schedule.


People get so caught up on their “grind” that they forget to take care of themselves. Make sure you get the right amount of sleep and take care of yourself. You really cant be productive if you have been up all day and night then want to go record. Your voice will be tired and you wont be able to focus like you want to. You will be more productive when you get a good night rest and you eat/workout right you will have a more productive studio session.

Take Care/ Reward Yourself

Probably my favorite thing is to reward yourself. When you set goals and reach those goals you feel excited so why not reward yourself? Go buy yourself something nice or do something that you dont normally do. If you do that every time you reach a new milestone that can help motivate you to get more stuff done. It can also be a reminder of where you have came from and help you keep sight into where you are going.

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How you can make sales off your beats

Making sales as a producer can seem a daunting task as first but there is a specific formula to follow and as long as you do these things you will be guaranteed to make sales.

The first thing you will need to do will be to get traffic to your music whether you have a website or just a beat player with your music people will need to know about it in order for you to make sales. If you are just starting out the easiest ways to get traffic would be to use what they call PPC (pay per click advertising) where you are paying for ads to have people come to your site. Google Adwords is the best for this but you can also do the same for youtube as well.

Now that you have some people coming to your site you are going to want to have deals and discounts. When people see things like buy 1 get 1 free beats or limited time they will want to purchase asap because they think that the deal wont last long. These are what are called scare tactics to making the potential customer think if they dont get the deal now they wont have a chance in the future to take advantage of it.

Email marketing is probably the most important thing next to driving traffic to your site to making sales. Most of the time you wont make a sale the first time someone visits your site and thats normal. It usually takes someone 2 or 3 times to seeing something online before they decide they want to purchase it so the best thing to do is use email marketing to convert them to long time customers. What i like to do is have a sign up list on my page if they input their email i can send them emails about new deals or when i upload new beats. To get them to sign up on my site i have an offer to give them 3 beats for free customers love things like that. I have made tons of sales off people on my email list.

If you do these things you are guaranteed to make sales, it may take some time at first but as long as the music is good and you keep at it the sales will come.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Experiment With Music

It sets you apart from everyone else

Experimenting with music and trying out things that you never have before helps you to be original. If you are wanting to submit your music to labels or A&R’s trying to get placements and your music doesnt sound like everyone elses you will have a better chance of getting noticed. Its easy to follow trends and try and do what everyone else is doing because of what is “hot” but if you can experiment with some new sounds and new recording techniques then you can possibly reach out to more people who like to listen to something more original.

It opens up your mind

Being to new ideas will open up your mind to ways that you can create better music. Sometimes people get stuck into doing just what they are accustomed to not wanting to branch out and try something new because they get comfortable. If you get comfortable then you will get stagnant and you wont grow as a producer or artist to Make and Sell Best Hip Hop Beats Online. You also have to be able to critique your own music and know whats good and whats not. When i make a beat i make it as a producer then when i finish it i listen to it as someone who just wants to hear something good and if i like it i will keep it if not then i will either try and fix it or start over.

You Will Inspire other people

I dont know how many times i’ve listened to something dope and it inspired me to try out something new. When you see other people taking risks and pushing the boundaries it makes you want to do the same. People need other people to push them and motivate them to make the best music possible. Music is supposed to move people and inspire them in some way. Whether its the way the beat makes them move or they relate to the lyrics in some way, if you try out new ideas and experiment with new sounds you will help to continue to push the boundaries of music and help people think in ways they never have before.